31 декабря 202122:37

Друзья, поздравляем всех с Новым Годом!

Желаем здоровья, новых идей и их успешной реализации!

А также времени на любимое хобби!

28 декабря 202120:39

Foxbot - новинки

Foxbot 100-010 Soviet T-34/85 1/100
Foxbot 144-002 Sukhoi Su-27S/P Ukranian Air Forces, digital camouflage 1/144
Foxbot 32-017 Numbers for Sukhoi Su-27UBM, Ukranian Air Forces, digital camouflage, Part 2 1/32
Foxbot 48-021A Red Snake: Soviet P-39 Airacobras, Part 1 (Stencils not included) 1/48
Foxbot 48-022 Red Snake: Soviet P-39 Airacobras and Stencils, Part 2 1/48
Foxbot 48-022A Red Snake: Soviet P-39 Airacobras, Part 2 (Stencils not included) 1/48
Foxbot 48-047T Sukhoi Su-27P, Ukranian Air Forces, digital camouflage (decals with masks and additional numbers) 1/48
Foxbot 48-054 Flying Revenge: Ilyushin IL-2, Part II 1/48
Foxbot 48-067T Sukhoi Su-27UBM, Ukranian Air Forces, digital camouflage (decals with masks and additional numbers) 1/48
Foxbot 48-068 Numbers for Sukhoi Su-27UBM, Ukranian Air Forces, digital camouflage 1/48
Foxbot 48-072 Ukrainian crocodiles: Mil Mi-24, Part IV 1/48
Foxbot 48-073 Soviet interceptor and fighter aircraft Yak-9 Midwar Heroes 1/48
Foxbot 72-043 Soviet Missile R-27ER/ET (AA-10 Alamo) & AKU-470 Stencils (Var.1) 1/72
Foxbot 72-059 Ukrainian crocodiles: Mil Mi-24, Part II 1/72
Foxbot 72-060 Soviet interceptor and fighter aircraft Yak-9D 1/72

24 декабря 202102:10

Новинки (декабря_2)

Armada Hobby E72012 DUTRA D4K Airfield Tow Tractor (resin kit&PE) 1/72
Armada Hobby E72013 DUTRA D4K w/ closed cab. Airfield Tow Tractor 1/72
Armada Hobby E72014 DUTRA D4K Snow Plower (resin kit&PE) 1/72
Armada Hobby E72124 PRAGA V3S Pad w/ A3JS Box Body Trailer 1/72
Armada Hobby N72048 AT-104 GKN Sankey Mk.I (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby N72049 AT-104 GKN Sankey Mk.II (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby N72154 Commando Scout Mk.I (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby N72155 Commando Scout Mk.II (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby N72156 Commando Scout (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby W72080 Cuban BTR-100 wheeled tank (resin kit) 1/72
Avis 72047 Nemeth Parasol (Limited Edition) 1/72
Az Model 76099 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1 JG.51 (3x camo) 1/72
Az Model 78003 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-1 Experten 1 (3x camo) 1/72
Az Model 78009 Mitsubishi Ki-30 Ann 'At war' (3x camo) 1/72
Az Model 78010 Mitsubishi Ki-30 Ann 'In Asian sky' (3x camo) 1/72
Blackdog A48125 F-111 Front electronic (HOBBYB) 1/48
Blackdog A48126 F-111 Spine hydraulics (HOBBYB) 1/48
Blackdog A48127 F-111 bomb+wheel bay (HOBBYB) 1/48
Blackdog A48128 F-111 engine (HOBBYB) 1/48
Blackdog A48129 F-111 big set (HOBBYB) 1/48
Blackdog A48130 Panavia Tornado spine+radar (REV) 1/48
Blackdog A48131 Panavia Tornado engine (REV) 1/48
Blackdog A48132 Panavia Tornado electronic (REV) 1/48
Blackdog A48133 Panavia Tornado big set (REV) 1/48
Blackdog A48134 IA-58 Pucara engine (KIN) 1/48
Blackdog A48135 IA-58 Pucara two engines (KIN) 1/48
Blackdog A48136 IA-58 Pucara wheel bays + canon (KIN) 1/48
Blackdog A48137 IA-58 Pucara big set (KIN) 1/48
Blackdog A72101 Breguet Atlantic bomb bay (REV) 1/72
Blackdog A72102 Breguet Atlantic engine (REV) 1/72
Blackdog A72103 Blackburn Buccaneer engine+radar (AIRFIX) 1/72
Blackdog A72104 T-4 Trainer engine+electronic (HOBBYB) 1/72
Blackdog D35120 France 1944 base (100 x 100 mm) 1/35
Blackdog D35121 Hue city Vietnam base (80 x 50 mm) 1/35
Blackdog F32135 USAAF Fighter pilot 1940-45 No.1 (1 fig.) 1/32
Blackdog F32136 USAAF Fighter pilot 1940-45 No.2 (1 fig.) 1/32
Blackdog F32137 USAAF Fighter pilot 1940-45 set (2 fig.) 1/32
Blackdog F32138 German pilot+mechanic WWI (2 fig.) 1/32
Blackdog G35233 Panther Ausf D. Accessories set (ZVE) 1/35
Blackdog G35234 U.S. M 8 Greyhound accessories set (TAM) 1/35
Blackdog G72129 ISU-152 Soviet ammo boxes 1/72
Blackdog G72130 Tiger I accesssories set (DRAG) 1/72
Blackdog G72131 Crusader accessories set (IBG) 1/72
Planet Models MV72.129 Zetor 25 'Agricultural Version' (resin kit) 1/72
Cmk SP4442 Tempest Bomb Racks & 500 lb. Bombs 1/48
Cmk SP4443 Tempest Bomb Racks & 1000 lb. Bombs 1/48
Cmk SP7483 Beaufighter Mk.VI/X/21 Mainwheels Late Hexag. 1/72
Cmk SP7488 P-39 Airacobra Wheels (ACAD) 1/72
Reji Model 282 Ford Escort Mk.II - RAC Rally Winner 1978 1/24
Reji Model 357 Lancia Delta S4 - RAC Rally Winner 1985 1/24
Reji Model 358 Lancia Delta S4 - Olympus Rally Winner 1986 1/24
Fly 72046 Fiat G.50 'Freccia' Italian fighter (4x camo) 1/72
Fly M7227 Mask for Sea Venom FAW.21 (DRAG) 1/72
First To Fight FTF-72086 PzKpfw. 38(t) Ausf.B - German Light Tank 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 48022 Westland Gazelle AH.1 (4x camo) 1/48
Kovozavody Prostejov 72187 MiG-19S Farmer-C 'Warsaw Pact' (4x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72223 Hawker Tempest F.6 (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72224 Hawker Tempest F.6 'Silver wings' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72225 Hawker Tempest F.6 'Over Egypt' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72252 Hawker Tempest Mk.V 'At war' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72268 Alpha Jet A/E 'International' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72269 Alpha Jet A/E 'Over Africa' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72278 Alouette III 'Over Europe' (4x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72279 Alouette III 'International' (4x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72280 Aero MB-200 (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72281 Bloch MB-200 (3x camo) 1/72
Master (Pl) 32122 PZL P.11C Oil cooler (IBG) 1/32
Master (Pl) 48161 PZL P.11C Oil cooler (ARMA H.) 1/48
Master (Pl) 48166 Spitfire Mk.Vc Hispano 20mm cannons (EDU) 1/48
Master (Pl) 48167 Boulton Paul Defiant Pitot Tube&Browning .303 1/48
Master (Pl) 72151 PZL P.11C Oil cooler (ARMA H.) 1/72
Master (Pl) 72153 Boulton Paul Defiant Pitot Tube&Browning .303 1/72
Master (Pl) G35034 7TP single turret 37mm Bofors wz.36&sig.horn 1/35
Master (Pl) G35035 7TP twin turret MG wz.30 unarmored & sig.horn 1/35
Master (Pl) G35036 7TP twin turret MG wz.30 armored & sig.horn 1/35
Master (Pl) G35037 7TP drive wheels & engine grills (IBG) 1/35
Master (Pl) G72009 TKS Hotchkiss wz.25 with mount 1/72
Master (Pl) G72010 BESA 7,92 mm Machine gun tips (4 pcs.) 1/72
Master (Pl) G72011 Bofors 40 mm AA gun barrel (Crusader Mk.III) 1/72
Master (Pl) G72012 US 37 mm M6 Gun barrel 1/72
Master (Pl) G72013 M3 Lee/Grant 75 mm M2 L/31 (short) & 37 mm M6 1/72
Master (Pl) G72014 M3 Lee late 75 mm M3 L/40 (long) & 37 mm M6 1/72
Miniart 35337 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. H Nibelungenwerk Mid Prod. 1/35
Miniart 35389 Chevrolet G7117 1,5t 4x4 Cargo Truck w/Winch 1/35
Miniart 35391 US Tank Crew, Special Edition (5 fig.) 1/35
Miniart 35628 Wooden Crates with Fruit 1/35
Miniart 35643 Yugoslavia Traffic Signs 1990's 1/35
Miniart 38025 Tempo E400 Hochlader Pritsche 3-wheel Truck 1/35
Miniart 38033 German Tractor D8511 Mod.1936 & Cargo Trailer 1/35
Special Hobby 32082 AH-1G COBRA 'Early Tails over Nam' (Hi-Tech) 1/32
Special Hobby 72437 A.W. Meteor NF Mk.11 'RAF Squandrons' 1/72
Special Armour A7226 15cm Nebelwerfer 41 Multiple Rocket Launcher 1/72
Special Hobby M72020 Mask for Focke Wulf Fw 189C/V-6 (SP.HOBBY) 1/72
Modelsvit 4818 F-82F/G Twin Mustang 1/48
Peewit M144033 Canopy mask H.P.42 Heracles (AIRFIX) 1/144
Peewit M144034 Canopy mask Hawker Tempest Mk.V (MARK 1 M.) 1/144
Peewit M72278 Canopy mask Alpha Jet A/E/MS (KP) 1/72
Peewit M72279 Canopy mask Bf 109E-1 (AZ) 1/72
Peewit M72280 Canopy mask Bf 109G-6 (AIRFIX) 1/72
Peewit M72281 Canopy mask EF-2000 Typhoon (ITAL) 1/72
Peewit M72282 Canopy mask Mosquito B.XVI (AIRFIX) 1/72
Peewit M72283 Canopy mask Sea Otter Mk.I (SP.HOBBY) 1/72
Peewit M72284 Canopy mask SR-53T-1 Rocketeer (AZ) 1/72
Peewit M72285 Canopy mask Spritfire Mk.Ia (KP) 1/72
Peewit M78001 Paint mask wheel discs 1 ZM Italian Arm.Car 1/72
Sbs Model 48077 P-36/H-75 seats (CL.PROP) 1/48
Sbs Model 48078 F-102 Delta Dagger Correct nose & pitot tube 1/48

21 декабря 202102:05

Voyager Model - новинки

Voyager Model FE35055 Modern British FV510 Worrior Width indcator Rod Smoke Discharges (MENG SS-017) 1/35
Voyager Model FE48020 WWII German Tiger I Stowage bin (For all ) 1/48
Voyager Model PE16055 Mordern German Wiesel 1A2 TOW Upgrade Set (TAKOM 1011 ) 1/16
Voyager Model PE351017 WWII German Panther G Early ver.Basic upgrade set (For TAKOM 2119 2134) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351127 Modern British Challenger 2 MBT TES upgrade set (RFM 5039) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351129 WWII US T-29 Super Heavy tank (TAKOM 2143) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351130 Modern British FV 4005 upgrade set (AMUSING HOBBY 35A029) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351132 WWII US M3A1 Lee Medium Tank basic (TRUMPETER 63516) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351138 IDF 1/4 TON 4X4 M38A1/CJ-5 TOLAR upgrade set (AF35S96 AF35S99 ) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351139 IDF 1/4 TON 4X4 M38A1/CJ-6 SIYUR upgrade set (AF35S94 AF35S99 ) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351140 IDF M109A2 Rochev SPH upgrade basic set (AF35272 ) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351143 WWII German Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J Basic (BORDER BT-006) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351152 IDF 1/4 TON 4X4 M38A1/CJ-5 TOW upgrade set (AF35S97) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351154A WWII Russian JS-2 tank Basic (B ver include Gun Barrel ) (TAMIYA 35289 ) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351154B WWII Russian JS-2 tank Basic (B ver include Gun Barrel ) (TAMIYA 35289 ) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351155 WWII Russian JS-2 Heavy tank Fenders (TAMIYA 35289 ) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351156 WWII UK Crusader Mk.III tank Basic (Boder BT-012) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351157 WWII UK Crusader Mk.III tank Fenders (Boder BT-012) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351159 WWII M1A1 155mm Cannon Long Tom (AFV AF35295 ) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351169 “Thoma shields”wire mesh schurzen For PZ IV J (RMF 5068 ) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351174 WWII German Panther A early ver. Basic (MENG TS-046 ) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351175 WWII German Panther G early ver.Basic (HOBBY BOSS 84551) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351179 Modern British FV 4005 II Heavy Tank upgrade set (AFV) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351180 WWII German Tiger I Initial Production (RFM 5075 ) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351184 WWII German Sd.Kfz.184 Ferdinand Tank destoryer upgrade set (AMUSING HOBBY 35A044) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351186 PLA ZTQ-15 Light Tank upgrade set (MENG TS-048) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351187 WWII German Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A (TAKOM 2145) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351188 WWII German Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.A Fenders (TAKOM 2145) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351189 WWII German Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.B (TAKOM 2145) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351190 WWII German Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.B Fenders (TAKOM 2145) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351200 WWII German Sd.Kfz.2 kleines Kettenkard (TAMIYA 35377) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351205 Modern German Leopard 2A5 MBT Basic (RFM 5076) 1/35
Voyager Model PE351206 Modern German Leopard 2A6 MBT w/CDN Boxes Basic (RFM 5076) 1/35
Voyager Model PEA462 Modern British Challenger 2 MBT TES Slat Armour upgrade set (RFM 5039 ) 1/35
Voyager Model PEA465 Morden German Leopard2A6M CDN Boxes (For All) 1/35
Voyager Model VBS0552 WWII German Marder 1 75mm Pak40 Barrel (Early version) (TAMIYA 35370) 1/35
Voyager Model VBS0553 PLA Type59D Main Battle Tank Gun Barrel (For TRU) 1/35
Voyager Model VBS0554 WWII German Panzer IV Ausf F2. L/42 75mm Barrel (For All ) 1/35
Voyager Model VPE48034 WWII German Panther A Tank Basic (SUYATA NO-001) 1/48
Voyager Model VPE48035 WWII German Tiger I Late Production (TAMIYA 32575) 1/48

10 декабря 202123:40

Quinta Studio - новинки

Quinta Studio MMD48005 Су-17М4 (серия "Война в Афганистане") декаль 1/48
Quinta Studio QD32037 F-4J (для модели Tamiya) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/32
Quinta Studio QD32058 Bf 109K-4 (для модели Hasegawa) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/32
Quinta Studio QD32081 F-5F (для модели KittyHawk) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/32
Quinta Studio QD32086 F-5E/RF-5E (для модели KittyHawk) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/32
Quinta Studio QD35016 Урал-4320 (для модели Звезда) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/35
Quinta Studio QD35026 Урал 63095 Тайфун-У (для модели RPG-model) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/35
Quinta Studio QD35031 Henschel 33 D1 (для модели ICM) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/35
Quinta Studio QD48171 Су-27УБ (для модели HobbyBoss) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/48
Quinta Studio QD48188 Су-30СМ (для модели KittyHawk) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/48
Quinta Studio QD48189 Spitfire Mk.V (для модели Eduard) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/48
Quinta Studio QD48192 Bf 110C/D (для модели Cyber-hobby) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/48
Quinta Studio QD48194 F-16С (для модели Kinetic) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/48
Quinta Studio QD48198 F/A-18E (для модели Meng) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/48
Quinta Studio QD72027 F-14A (для модели Hasegawa) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/72
Quinta Studio QD72029 F-4E early/F-4EJ (для модели FineMolds) 3D Декаль интерьера кабины 1/72

7 декабря 202100:46

Tamiya - новинки

Tamiya 72009 Сборный редуктор с 2 эл.моторами (тип 260)
Tamiya 32600 Немецкое тяжелое самоходное противотанковое 88мм орудие Nashorn с 1 фигурой. 1/48
Tamiya 32602 Набор немецких пехотинцев 10 фигур. 1/48
Tamiya 12693 Набор фототравления для моделей 61114 и 61118 1/48
Tamiya 25424 Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Литники хромированные) ограниченный выпуск 1/48
Tamiya 74163 Двухсторонняя кисть (Узкая и очень узкая) для удаления пыли с модели. Обладает антистат.св-вами. (Меньше чем 74078)

3 декабря 202118:36

Hobby boss, Master Tools, Trumpeter - новинки

Master Tools 08031 Такелаж, нить 0,2 мм
Master Tools 08032 Такелаж, нить 0,1 мм
Master Tools 08033 Такелаж, нить 0,05 мм
Hobby Boss 80396 Corsair Mk.3 1/48
Hobby Boss 84415 Немецкая 6-я армия « Мамаев курган » 1/35
Hobby Boss 84416 Немецкая пехота « The Barrage Wall » 1/35
Hobby Boss 84419 Немецкий танковый экипаж 1/35
Hobby Boss 84553 Немецкий Sd.Kfz.179 Bergepanther Ausf.G 1/35
Hobby Boss 87270 Американский высотный самолёт-разведчик U-2A Dragon Lady 1/72
Trumpeter 02422 Junkers Ju-87B-2/U4 1/24
Trumpeter 05806 L-39MS/L-59 Super Albatros 1/48
Trumpeter 09531 Sd.Kfz.7/2 FLAK 41 5cm 1/35
Trumpeter 09574 BTR-152K1 1/35

2 декабря 202100:55

Новинки за декабрь

A&A Models 48011 Me-209V1 Speed record prototype (2x camo) 1/48
Aerobonus 320163 RAF WWII Bomber Pilot with bag (1 fig.) 1/32
Aerobonus 320164 French Air Force WWII Pilot (1 fig.) 1/32
Aerobonus 320165 German or Austro-Hungarian WWI Pilot No.1 1/32
Aerobonus 320166 German or Austro-Hungarian WWI Pilot No.2 1/32
Aires 4850 Harrier GR.3 cockpit set (KIN) 1/48
Aires 4851 Harrier AV-8A wheel bay (KIN) 1/48
Aires 4854 F-104C Starfighter cockpit set (KIN) 1/48
Aires 4855 Rafale B - late cockpit set (REV) 1/48
Aires 4856 F/A-18E/F S.Hornet exh.nozzles closed (MENG) 1/48
Aires 4857 F/A-18E/F S.Hornet exh.nozzles closed (HOBBY) 1/48
Arma Hobby 70026 Hurricane Mk.I Trop Western Desert (Limited) 1/72
Arma Hobby 70050 FM-1 & FM-2 Wildcat Deluxe Set (2-in-1) 1/72
Armada Hobby M72010 GIDRaN Hungarian MRAP (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby W72018 SAURER 4K4FA (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby W72019 SAURER 4K7FA (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby W72020 SAURER 4K4FA SAN (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby W72021 SAURER 4K4FA 0.50 Cal. MG (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby W72022 SAURER 4K4FA F?A (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby W72023 SAURER 4K4FA 81mm GRW (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby W72024 SAURER 4K4FA 20mm Oerlikon (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby W72025 4K7FA RASIT (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby W72051 FAHD APC (resin kit) 1/72
Armada Hobby W72052 FAHD 240 Armoured car w/ Kader 280 turret 1/72
Armada Hobby W72053 FAHD 240/30 Armoured car w/ 30mm turret 1/72
Armada Hobby W72090 CASSPIR MRAP APC (resin kit) 1/72
Az Model 76073 Vought Kingfisher Mk.I, 1943-1944 (3x camo) 1/72
Brengun BRL144171 Hawker Tempest Mk.V - detail PE set (MARK I) 1/144
Brengun BRL144172 Hawker Tempest Mk.V flaps - PE set (MARK I) 1/144
Brengun BRL-32044 US GP 100lb AN-M30A1 bombs (6 pcs.) 1/32
Brengun BRL-32045 Rutan Quickie (resin kit) 1/32
Brengun BRL-48155 Extra EA-300L - detail PE set (BRENGUN) 1/48
Brengun BRL-48156 Canopy masks Extra EA-300L (BRENGUN) 1/48
Brengun BRL-48157 Vacu Canopy Extra EA-300L (BRENGUN) 1/48
Brengun BRL-48158 Tiny Tim rocket - 2 pcs. (resin set) 1/48
Brengun BRL-48159 USN Mk.XIII torpedo (resin set) 1/48
Brengun BRL-72255 SA-342M Gazelle - detail PE set (AIRF/HELL) 1/72
Brengun BRL-72256 F/A-18 A/B/C/D Hornet pylons (resin set) 1/72
Brengun BRL-72257 FUG-220 Lichtenstein (PE set) 1/72
Brengun BRL-72258 F/A-18 E/F engine nozzles set (REV) 1/72
Brengun BRL-72259 Fiat G.50 bis - detail PE set (FLY) 1/72
Brengun BRL-72260 Hawker Tempest Mk.V wheels EARLY (resin set) 1/72
Brengun BRL-72261 Hawker Tempest Mk.V wheels LATE (resin set) 1/72
Brengun BRP-48007 EXTRA EA300L 3 blade propeller (plastic kit) 1/48
Brengun BRP-48008 TG-16A USAF Training Glider (plastic kit) 1/48
Brengun BRS144059 Doodlebug Texaco (resin kit) 1/144
Brengun BRS144060 A7V German tank WWI (resin kit) 1/144
CMK Q48397 DH Chipmunk T.10 Main wheels (AIRFIX) 1/48
CMK Q48398 A-26 Invader Wing Air Intakes correction set 1/48
CMK SP4432 A-26 Invader Gunner's Position (ICM) 1/48
CMK SP4434 A-36 Apache/P-51/P-51A Mustang Contr.Surfaces 1/48
CMK SP4441 P-39 Airacobra Wheels (HAS/EDU) 1/48
CMK SP7461 ESK 2000 B German WWII Gun Camera 1/72
CMK SP7476 F-18E/F Hornet Gun Bay (ACAD) 1/72
CMK SP7484 Beaufighter Mk.VI/X/21 Main wheel late/smooth 1/72
Eduard 3DL48050 A6M2 SPACE (EDU) 1/48
Eduard 3DL48051 Remove Before Flight (white) SPACE 1/48
Eduard 3DL48052 Remove Before Flight (black) SPACE 1/48
Eduard 3DL53001 US ensign flag WWII SPACE 1/350
Eduard 3DL53002 US ensign flag modern SPACE 1/350
Eduard BIG49309 Ar 234B (H.2000/HAS) 1/48
Eduard BIG49310 Mirage 2000D (KIN) 1/48
Eduard BIG72166 Hurricane Mk.IIc (ZVE) 1/72
Eduard BIG72167 Vulcan B.2 (AIRF) 1/72
Eduard SIN64875 BIGSIN Tempest Mk.II ESSENTIAL (EDU/SP.HOB.) 1/48
Eduard 2137 DESERT BABES (Limited edition) 1/72
Eduard 82121 Tempest Mk.V series 1 (PROFIPACK) 1/48
Eduard 82171 Sopwith F.1 Camel (BR.1) (PROFIPACK) 1/48
Eduard 82182 Z-226MS Trener (PROFIPACK) 1/48
Eduard 8236 MiG-21PF (PROFIPACK) 1/48
Eduard 84178 Bf 109E-7 (Weekend edition) 1/48
Eduard 11155 TORA TORA TORA! (Limited edition) 1/48
Eduard 32474 SET F/A-18F exterior (REV) 1/32
Eduard 32992 SET F/A-18F interior (REV) 1/32
Eduard 33290 F/A-18F (REV) 1/32
Eduard 33291 F/A-18F seatbelts STEEL (REV) 1/32
Eduard 481071 SET TBF-1C exterior (ACAD) 1/48
Eduard 481072 SET TBF-1C landing flaps (ACAD) 1/48
Eduard 481073 SET P-40N landing flaps (ACAD) 1/48
Eduard 481074 SET SBD-5 landing flaps (REV) 1/48
Eduard 491232 SET TBF-1C interior (ACAD) 1/48
Eduard 491234 SET P-40N (ACAD) 1/48
Eduard 491236 SET SBD-5 (REV) 1/48
Eduard 53276 USS Intrepid CV-11 pt.5 (TRUMP) 1/350
Eduard 53277 Akagi rear columns (HAS) 1/350
Eduard 644128 BRASSIN A6M2 LooK (EDU) 1/48
Eduard 644130 BRASSIN Chipmunk T.10 LooK (AIRF) 1/48
Eduard 644131 BRASSIN Ar 234B LooKplus (HAS/H.2000) 1/48
Eduard 644132 BRASSIN Z-226 LooKplus (EDU) 1/48
Eduard 644133 BRASSIN CH-47A LooK (HOBBYB) 1/48
Eduard 648661 BRASSIN Sopwith Camel US Colt Vickers gun 1/48
Eduard 648689 BRASSIN B5N2 800kg bomb (HAS) 1/48
Eduard 648693 BRASSIN A6M2 wheels (EDU) 1/48
Eduard 648695 BRASSIN A6M undercarriage legs BRONZE (EDU) 1/48
Eduard 648697 BRASSIN Mi-24D cockpit (ZVE) 1/48
Eduard 648698 BRASSIN A6M2 seat PRINT (EDU) 1/48
Eduard 648699 BRASSIN Chipmunk T.10 wheels (AIRF) 1/48
Eduard 648700 BRASSIN F-4B undercarriage legs BRONZE (TAM) 1/48
Eduard 648701 BRASSIN F/A-18E wheels (MENG) 1/48
Eduard 648702 BRASSIN F/A-18E ejection seat (MENG) 1/48
Eduard 648704 BRASSIN F-4B fin caps PRINT (TAM) 1/48
Eduard 672273 BRASSIN GBU-15(V)21/B 1/72
Eduard 73755 SET F4F-4 (ARMA H.) 1/72
Eduard 73756 SET Ar 234C (H.2000 / DRAG) 1/72
Eduard 73757 SET F-4C (FINE M.) 1/72
Eduard 73758 SET F-4J (FINE M.) 1/72
Eduard CX610 Mask F4F-4 (ARMA H.) 1/72
Eduard CX611 Mask P-38M (H.2000 / DRAG) 1/72
Eduard CX612 Mask P-38J (H.2000 / DRAG) 1/72
Eduard CX613 Mask Ar 234C (H.2000 / DRAG) 1/72
Eduard CX614 Mask F-4C (FINE M.) 1/72
Eduard CX615 Mask F-4J (FINE M.) 1/72
Eduard D2402 Decals Die alten Kanonen (MENG) 1/24
Eduard D4897 Decals Z-126/226/326/526 cockpit placards 1/48
Eduard D4898 Decals A6M2 stencils (EDU) 1/48
Eduard EX819 Mask TBF-1C (ACAD) 1/48
Eduard EX820 Mask TBF-1C TFace (ACAD) 1/48
Eduard EX821 Mask A6M2 TFace (EDU) 1/48
Eduard FE1232 TBF-1C (ACAD) 1/48
Eduard FE1233 TBF-1C seatbelts STEEL (ACAD) 1/48
Eduard FE1234 P-40N (ACAD) 1/48
Eduard FE1235 P-40N seatbelts STEEL (ACAD) 1/48
Eduard FE1236 SBD-5 (REV) 1/48
Eduard FE1237 SBD-5 seatbelts STEEL (REV) 1/48
Eduard FE1238 A6M2 seatbelts STEEL (EDU) 1/48
Eduard JX282 Mask F/A-18F (REV) 1/32
Eduard JX283 Mask F/A-18F TFace (REV) 1/32
Eduard SS755 F4F-4 (ARMA H.) 1/72
Eduard SS756 Ar 234C (H.2000 / DRAG) 1/72
Eduard SS757 F-4C (FINE M.) 1/72
Eduard SS758 F-4J (FINE M.) 1/72
HGW 172001 Seatbelts Bf 109F/G early (SIMPLY) 1/72
HGW 172002 Seatbelts RAF early (SIMPLY) 1/72
HGW 172003 Seatbelts Bf 109E (SIMPLY) 1/72
HGW 172004 Seatbelts US Fighters - sand (SIMPLY) 1/72
HGW 648409 Mask B-17G Flying Fortress (HK MOD.) 1/48
Hauler HLH-72127 Challenger II - detail PE set (DRAG) 1/72
Hauler HLH-72128 M2A2 Bradley - detail PE set (REV) 1/72
Hauler HLH-72129 PzKpfw IV Ausf.H - detail PE set (REV) 1/72
Hauler HLH-72130 Farm horse drawn wagon (resin kit) 1/72
Ibg Models 35064 3Ro Italian Truck 90/53 Ammunition Carrier 1/35
Ibg Models 72066 Crusader Mk.I Close Support 1/72
Ibg Models 72085 Diamond T 969 Wrecker w/ M2 Machine Gun 1/72
Ibg Models 72091 Type 4 Ke-Nu Japanese Light Tank 1/72
Ibg Models 72521 PZL/IAR P.11F Romanian Fighter (3x camo) 1/72
Ibg Models W014 A10 Mk.IA Close Support British Tank 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 48020 Su-7UMK 'Moujik' International (3x camo) 1/48
Kovozavody Prostejov 48021 Su-7UMK 'Moujik' Warsaw Pact (3x camo) 1/48
Kovozavody Prostejov 72260 Spitfire Mk.Ia 'Watts Prop' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72261 Spitfire Mk.Ia 'Three Blade Prop' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72262 Spitfire Mk.Ia 'Commanders' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72263 Spitfire Mk.Ia 'Black & White' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72264 Alpha Jet E 'In French Services' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72265 Alpha Jet A 'Canadian Top Aces' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72266 Alpha Jet A 'Bundesluftwaffe' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72267 Alpha Jet A 'QinetiQ' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72270 LFG Roland D.II 'Haifisch' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72271 LFG Roland D.IIa 'Haifisch' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72272 Pfalz D.II 'Haifisch' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72273 Sopwith Dolphin 'RAF' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72274 Sopwith Dolphin 'Special Markings' (3x camo) 1/72
Kovozavody Prostejov 72275 Sopwith Dolphin 'Polish Services' (3x camo) 1/72
Lf Model CM7204 Canopy mask Hiller UH-12B / OH-23B Raven 1/72
Lf Model P7252 Hiller UH-12B/OH-23B Raven (3x camo) 1/72
Lf Model P7253 Hiller HTE-1/HTE-2 Raven (US NAVY,ROYAL NAVY) 1/72
Lf Model P7254 Hiller UH-12B/OH-23B Raven (France, Holland) 1/72
Lp Models 48067 F-22 Ladder 1/48
Lp Models 48068 Mirage F.1 Ladder 1/48
Lp Models 48069 Rafale Ladder 1/48
Lp Models 72067 F-22 Ladder 1/72
Lp Models 72068 Mirage F.1 Ladder 1/72
Lp Models 72069 Rafale Ladder 1/72
Miniart 35365 Soviet Officers At Field Briefing (5 fig.) 1/35
Miniart 35397 Totenkopf Division Kharkov 1943 (resin heads) 1/35
Miniart 35637 Italian Traffic Signs 1930-40's 1/35
Miniart 35639 Street Accessories with Lamps & Clocks 1/35
Miniart 35647 Street Furniture with Electronics & Umbrella 1/35
Miniart 37092 T-55 Czechoslovak Prod. w/ KMT-5M Mine Roller 1/35
Miniart 38044 Typ 170V Lieferwagen Fruit Delivery Van 1/35
Miniart 38056 US 1,5t 4x4 G506 Flatbed Truck (w/ decal&PE) 1/35
Special Hobby S72432 Focke Wulf Fw 189C/V-6 'German Attack Plane' 1/72
Special Hobby S72455 DH.100 Vampire FB Mk.9 (5x camo) 1/72
Special Hobby SM72019 Mask for Casa C.212/C-41 (SP.HOBBY) 1/72
New Ware M0917 Mask C-46A/D,R-5C-1 Commando ADVANCED (VALOM) 1/72
New Ware M0918 Mask C-46A/D,R-5C-1 Commando EXPERT (VALOM) 1/72
New Ware M0919 Mask C-130J-30 BASIC (ZVE 7324) 1/72
New Ware M0920 Mask C-130J-30 ADVANCED (ZVE 7324) 1/72
New Ware M0921 Mask C-130J-30 EXPERT (ZVE 7324) 1/72
New Ware M0922 Mask DB-26B/C BASIC (ICM 48286) 1/48
New Ware M0923 Mask DB-26B/C EXPERT (ICM 48286) 1/48
New Ware M0924 Mask de Havilland Mosquito B.XVI BASIC (AIRF) 1/72
New Ware M0925 Mask AH-1G Cobra (late) BASIC (ICM 32061) 1/32
New Ware M0926 Mask AH-1G Cobra (late) EXPERT (ICM 32061) 1/32
New Ware M0927 Mask Su-35S Flanker-E BASIC (GWH) 1/72
New Ware M0928 Mask Su-35S Flanker-E EXPERT (GWH) 1/72
New Ware M0929 Mask Su-35S Flanker-E EXHAUST NOZZLES G5-G8 1/72
New Ware M0930 Mask Su-35S Flanker-E EXHAUST NOZZLES G9-G12 1/72
New Ware M0931 Mask Su-27 Flanker B BASIC (GWH) 1/48
New Ware M0932 Mask Su-27 Flanker B ADVANCED (GWH) 1/48
New Ware M0933 Mask Su-27 Flanker B EXPERT (GWH) 1/48
New Ware M0934 Mask Su-27 Flanker B EXHAUST NOZZLES parts I9 1/48
New Ware M0935 Mask Su-27 Flanker B EXHAUST NOZZLES parts I1 1/48
New Ware M0936 Mask OV-10A Bronco BASIC (ICM 48300) 1/48
New Ware M0937 Mask OV-10A Bronco EXPERT (ICM 48300) 1/48
New Ware M0938 Mask F-14A Tomcat (late) BASIC (TAM 61122) 1/48
New Ware M0939 Mask F-14A Tomcat (late) EXPERT (TAM 61122) 1/48
New Ware M0940 Mask F-14A Tomcat (late) EXHAUST NOZZLES 1/48
New Ware M0941 Mask F/A-18F Super Hornet CANOPY INNER SIDE 1/48
New Ware M0942 Mask F/A-18F Super Hornet SURFACE DETAILS 1/48
Quickboost 32281 A-1 Skyraider Yankee extractor system (TRUMP) 1/32
Quickboost 32282 Modern aircraft mirrors 1/32
Quickboost 32283 F-4 Phantom II ejection seats w/ safety belts 1/32
Quickboost 32284 Gladiator seat with safety belts (ICM) 1/32
Quickboost 32285 K5Y Willow venturi probe (DOYUSHA) 1/32
Quickboost 32286 K5Y Willow oil radiator (DOYUSHA) 1/32
Quickboost 48993 IA 58 Pucara FOD covers (KIN) 1/48
Quickboost 48994 IA 58 Pucara propellers (KIN) 1/48
Quickboost 48995 F-4 Phantom II FOD covers (TAM) 1/48
Quickboost 48996 F-4B Phantom II fuel dump (TAM) 1/48
Quickboost 48997 F-4B Phantom II air inlet (TAM) 1/48
Quickboost 48998 F-4B Phantom II tail fin cap - late (TAM) 1/48
Quickboost 48999 F-4B Phantom II tail fin cap - mid (TAM) 1/48
Quickboost 72668 PZL P.11 propeller (ARMA H.) 1/72
Quickboost 72669 Buccaneer FOD covers (AIRFOX) 1/72
Rs Model 92266 Henschel Hs-132A German dive bomber (4x camo) 1/72
Rs Model 92267 Ambrosini SAI 207 (3x camo) 1/72
Rs Model 92268 Henschel Hs-132B German dive bomber (4x camo) 1/72
Rs Model 92269 DFS 230 Luftwaffe Glider (3x camo) 1/72
Rs Model 92270 Bu-133 A/C 'Jungmeister' (5x camo) 1/72
Sova Models 72036 SHU-16B 'Albatross' flying boat (Spain,Chile) 1/72
Sword 72141 C-29A/U-125/BAe-125-800 (2x camo) 1/72